The Truth About America, If You Can Handle It

Obama Just Signed Into U.S. Law, Indefinite Imprisonment to U.S. Citizens Without Cause, and Without Telling Anyone;

As If You Vanished Off The Face Of This Earth!

What Kind of Filthy Audacity Is This? How Is That Change Working Out For You?

Can anyone tell me where America went?

Who Do U.S. Politicians Think They Are?

Quantitative Easing Explained

Fox News Caught Lying About Ron Paul

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Intentional Inflation - Selling Out the American People

'The Euro Game Is Up!

Just who the hell do you think you are?

I Want Your Money


The Second American Revolution

Silver Bull Run : Lindsey Williams

TV commercial with a VERY,VERY deep message

The Basic Forms of Government and Examples in History

Straight Up Talk On American Schools - If You Like It Or Not

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on School Reform

"This Is Why The People Have Thrown You Out"

Ron Paul: Libya and Unintended Consequences

What is The John Birch Society?

The girl who made the world silent for five minutes

What Is Happening To The US Dollar Purchasing Power?

FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE

Trials of the Growing  Unemployed

What is the Purchasing Power of the Dollar Now?

How the Last 22 Years of Presidents, Senate, Congress & FedUp Reserve Trashed America

How Are Small Businesses Getting Shafted? Look At This Video To Find Out 

The American Dream Full Version

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Illegal bailouts and treaty change lead to referendums - Nigel Farage

What leaders are in denial?

Opt Out Of Obummercare - over 1 million others have...

To check out the list as of November 1, 2010, go here:

Why Do Great Nations Fail?

Government Likes To Intimidate, To Control,

To Humiliate, They Like To Take Their Thumb & Crush



The Fed Reserve, The Dolllar Devaluation, The Bankrupting of America

The Big Bank Theory   -- Click it to view it

Yes, we can by Ronald Reagan

Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance

The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See - What Does % Really Mean?

The Day the Dollar Died

Ron Paul "We Should Have A New Foreign Policy & Bring Our Troops Home & Stop Policing The World

What Happened To The Tea Party's Stand Against The Corruption In Politics & The Banking System - Fed Up Reserve



Fattest Place on Earth? 


Hank Johnson Concerned Guam May Tip Over And Capsize

New York Sanitation Crushes Car - Must Watch Tax Dollars Hard At Work

Jeremy Grantham Interview Telling It How It Is, Especially At The Fed Up Reserve

Homeless man with golden radio voice


Experts: Missile was CHINESE

Contrails and Chemtrails from jets spray horizontal; the object with this contrail is almost vertical. Go figure.

GOV'T Documents say the Contrail Was A U.S. Missile!

Nigel Farage Stunning Attack On PM Gordon Brown

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

Your Government At Work - 1000's of New Failing Businesses! GM Scam

Information on the Coinage Act of 1792   Click on It

Dwight Eisenhower's Last Speech- The Warning

A New Hope

An eye opening video of fraud

that opens up the scams that have been, and continue to take place on the American people, and the people around the world.

It is time to strip the privately owned and operated Federal Reserve bare, and see what they have been doing to us behind closed doors all these years.

They can hide no longer. Or is it too late?

The scams keep unraveling... Check out the next video...

The following video was available in July, 2008...

And what have the politicians been doing while this deceit and ciminality has been taking place?

Social issues, more expenses with a fraudulent claimed health care plan, and other actions of betrayal and Constitutional law breaking.

The following video was available since October, 2008...

China's Growth Rate: Chinese workers build 15-story hotel in just six days

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